Having a photoshoot for my website

Having a photoshoot for my website

This week I bit the bullet and organised for professional photographer Ceri Oakes to come and do a photoshoot with me.

Ceri has worked as a press photographer for a while, and was at one point the photographer for my local newspaper, the Whitby Gazette. She is now working freelance, and as I love her work and she lives near me, she was the perfect choice.

I wanted some photographs of both me and the products I stock. I have always hated having my photo taken and felt very self concsious! There was no need to worry - Ceri and I chatted non-stop and I started to feel at ease immediately, although I have to admit, if it had been slightly later in the day I would have had a glass of wine...

We started by taking photos of me sewing, and as I worked, Ceri swapped things around in the room to get the best picture. She had a case full of gadgets and umberellas - I have no idea what they did!

I had prepared some pirate bunting to sew, as I knew I'd need to keep my hands busy. As I started to feel more relaxed, I felt able to look at the camera

After we finished doing the shots of me, we moved onto products. As the fabric I sell changes designs very quickly, I use stock photos to show customers the print, but I wanted some more generic photos that I could use on social media and on my website. I think Ceri quite enjoyed rooting through all my haberdashery things! She worked quickly, arranging things in different groups with different props, and I have to say I am really pleased with the results.


The cost was very reasonable too, and I received the edited photos on a memory stick.

All in all, I felt it was money well spent, and I had fun too! 

You can see more of Ceri's work on her website


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I love your photos. They look very natural and professional

Judith Marson

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