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Redcar is my new favourite place!

Business Space creative business Redcar Redcar and Cleveland Council sole trader Teesside The Palace Creatives The Palace Hub work space

News on me moving my business to Redcar and finding out that I really like it!

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Changes in business - streamlining my products

Brexit creative business exhibiting at NEC indie biz NEC problems in business sewing small business sole trader working mother

I've been running Oakapple Haberdashery for over four years now, but this year is proving more challenging than most, and I'm sure it's not just me feeling the pinch. There must be many reasons why this is, and there are two that I can do nothing about, several years of austerity and the uncertainty of Brexit I don't think are helping. I've set myself the task of working out how I can improve things, and the first step of this is to put my thoughts here in my blog. I've started by looking at what I'm selling. Over the years...

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My worst business decisions so far!

below standard ebay seller card reader ebay seller magazine advertising small business sole trader square

Card readers, eBay selling standards and magazine advertising are three areas where I've made bad decisions. Don't make the same mistakes as me!

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Creating a new work space - my fabulous shed!

creative business sewing she shed small business work space working from home working mother

As my fabric business grew, my dining room got rather over run with stock, so I decided it was time to have a rethink. My first thought was to hire an office space. There's a development near me and so I went for a look. It was rather lovely, but the cheapest workspace was £250 a month, and I just felt that was more than I wanted to pay. It was Mr Oakapple who came up with the idea of a shed. You might think that was the obvious answer, but I have a tiny garden!   I was recomended...

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Do's and don'ts of taking your children to a craft fair

craft fair do's & don'ts motherhood parenting small business working mother

For this blog post I thought I would focus on an issue close to my heart - taking your children to a craft fair. For many of us in the crafting community this is something that crops up time after time and it can be something that can raise the blood pressure of even the most placid crafter! My children have been coming to craft fairs on and off with me for about four years now and it's usually because I have no-one else able to look after them on that day. From time to time my daughter likes to...

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