First Post - Welcome!

First Post - Welcome!

Hi, and welcome to my first blog post!

I guess many crafters are as busy as I am over the christmas period. Were you still frantically sewing advent calendars at midnight on Nov 30th? That was me..... again...

My online shop is really starting to take off now, and I'm making daily trips to our post office with parcels of lovely fabric and habby. Our post office is run by volunteers as its in a village, and some of them are quicker than others at sorting my parcels, but all are friendly, even the ones who look worried when they see me approaching!

I have been looking at new fabric for summer and have seen a few things that I like already, including flamingos and mermaids. Mind you, the amount of rain we've recently had in North Yorkshire mermaids will feel quite at home here!

I do hope you enjoy looking at my store, and please feel free to ask me any questions.

Don't forget - in January 2016 you can get 40% off all orders if you use the code Jan40

Happy sewing!


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