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Posting out the orders

I thought today I'd show you my parcel posting (and school!) run.

Once your order has been placed I select the fabric and other things ordered and package them up in their respective mailbags. Mostly, orders received before 1pm will be posted out the same day.


Once all the fabric has been cut to required size it's packaged up


Then the packages and I set off for school to pick up the Oakapple apprentices and head to the post office.

The two apprentices attend school in the village of Lythe, and it's at Lythe's fabulous village shop that we post your parcels.


The store and post office is run by volunteers, all of whom are very helpful and friendly. You can find more about them here


 The shop also has a couple of tables where you can sit in and have a lovely cup of tea and some fabulous cake from Brickyard Bakery which I highly reccomend. I am very partial to cake....

You can find out more about Brickyard Bakery here 


Then its off back to Oakapple HQ. We have one of the nicest school runs around I think! These photos of our journey home were taken by the apprentices from the comfort of Doris, our beloved Citroen. Even on a misty February afternoon it's still nice..

So now you know where your parcels come from!

There are lots of lovely places to stay and visit around Whitby and Lythe, and maybe when you visit, the sun will be shining!

Here are some of my recommendations

Ladycross Plantation for caravans and lodges

Amber and Jet Cottages for self catering cottages

La Rosa Hotel and Campsite for sheer Whitby quirkiness!

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