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Creating a new work space - my fabulous shed!

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As my fabric business grew, my dining room got rather over run with stock, so I decided it was time to have a rethink. My first thought was to hire an office space. There's a development near me and so I went for a look. It was rather lovely, but the cheapest workspace was £250 a month, and I just felt that was more than I wanted to pay.

It was Mr Oakapple who came up with the idea of a shed. You might think that was the obvious answer, but I have a tiny garden!


I was recomended a company near me; North Yorkshire Sheds. They came and had a look at my back garden, and told me we could have a reasonable shed there. The garden is north facing, so we didn't use the bit shown here for anything much. I visited the company's premises and we choose a design that would work for me. I wanted the shed to be insulated and have a proper electricity supply.

The shed was built at North Yorkshire Sheds' premises, and then assembled in my garden. 



The shed fills up the gap really well! I was surprised how much use could be made of the long narrow space - the base was 11ft by 5ft. It's fully insulated and has it's own electricity supply, installed by a qualified electrician provided by North Yorkshire Sheds.

I've got a lot of really usable space which I didn't expect to have. I love this ribbon storage which came from Baxter and Snow, and of course, I had to make use of a bit of vintage pyrex!

I have my sewing machine at the far end of the shed

I have a vintage sewing machine table which I picked up for £5 a few years ago. I know it looks a bit scruffy, but I'm very fond of it!

These curtains were the first thing I made in my new shed. I forgot about this lovely Cath Kidston fabric - I found it when I cleared out my old sewing room.

There are two windows in the side of my shed - ok they only look at a brick wall but they do let in a bit more light, and the windowsills allow room for lots of bits and bobs.

I'm able to sort all my packaging out in the shed now, although I keep all my fabric indoors, in my old sewing area, which now resembles a very bijou fabric shop!

You can always find me in my shed whenever football is on - it's a good hiding place and I can listen to the radio in peace!

I hope you've enjoyed a sneaky peak inside my shed. Maybe you're inspired to have your own little workspace - I can highly recommend it!

Thank you to Ceri Oakes for fabulous photography as always,and of course, North Yorkshire Sheds for my lovely shed!

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  • Mary LOw on

    It looks lovely, nothing like having your own creative space. I have taken over my spare double bedroom so we can only have one person staying at a time! Lol xx

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