Redcar is my new favourite place!

Redcar is my new favourite place!

If you follow my facebook or instagram, you will know that I'm gradually moving from my shed into a new business space so I have more room to grow.

I live in Whitby, on the North Yorkshire coast, and so I had started looking for a space to let there, but there wasn't much about, and the waiting lists didn't move. I was getting fed up - I had fabric in my shed, fabric in my dining room - all over the house......

My friend told me about The Palace Hub, and I had a look - I liked them, they seemed to like me, and so I moved in!

I'm actually in a business pod, designed for start-ups, and it's in a fairly open plan area, but I can secure my space at night so everything is safe. Most of the other people on my floor are creative businesses, which has been brilliant.

There's a reception downstairs and they answer all my questions (which are many!) and take in my parcels too.

I will be able to welcome visitors, but it is quite a small space, however there are plenty of tables and chairs where visitors can have a coffee and a chat. I am wondering about doing beginners workshops as there is a meeting room which we are able to hire.

And Redcar? It has seen better days, yes, but there's a lovely friendliness about the town, and it has a rather fabulous beach. There are plenty of cafes and eateries about too. 

I think I'm going to be very happy here.

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Just been exploring your website/blog – reading about hoping that you are going to be happy in Redcar – well I’m hoping that you are too 🤞🤞 Can’t believe I didn’t know that you were here 🤷‍♀️ But I’m glad that you are 👍


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