What will this year bring?

What will this year bring?

It's a bleak January evening, it's been snowing and I decided not to risk the trip over the moors to Redcar. I'd not advertised that I'd be in my studio anyway, so I think I'll stay warm....

I like January. After the mad rush of Autumn and Christmas shows and general madness, it's a time to regroup, think and plan.

Last year I decided to start doing workshops, and I sort of blurted them out in a rush. Advent calendars in November, Christmas bunting in December - I wonder why I got no takers!!

I changed the December one into an Open Day. I chose the coldest most bleakest day in the month. Genius. But a few brave souls kindly came along, and so it wasn't a dead loss, and Mr Oakapple did get to eat all the mince pies!

Ellie, a middle aged and rather chubby white woman is sorting out bundles of fabric the her studio

This time I'm going to plan a bit better! I have two workshops planned in the Gallery downstairs in The Palace Hub for the ladies of Whichcraft group to start with. 

I have a fair few Quilt Shows to attend over the year, I do most of the Grosvenor Quilt Shows among others. I've lately started filming these shows and putting them on my YouTube channel, some of the early ones are a bit wobbly but I am getting better at it!

I'm planning to have some Sewcial afternoons (or mornings!), when you can just come and join me and bring your own projects to do. I have sewing machines and irons etc available to use, and there will be a small cost to attend these.

I'm always open to suggestions and I'd love to travel to different Quilt groups, so please ask if you'd like me to visit your Quilt group.

Next week (22nd January 2024) I am away Monday to Friday on a sewing retreat, so I'm going to work on some new projects. Who knows - I might even make a film about that too........

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