When are you open? The question I'm asked the most!

When are you open? The question I'm asked the most!

What are your opening hours?

This is - probably very obvious - the single most common question I'm asked. If you want to know the second, you might have to wait for another blog.....

The answer is not as easy to give as you might think.

My studio is on the 3rd floor in The Palace Hub, Redcar and is not strictly a retail unit, although I always welcome customers in. Because the office studio areas are restricted access, you either need to go through reception (they are very friendly) or phone me directly to let you in

So when ARE you open?

It's different every week. I attend quilt shows around the country so I can be away at random times. Sometimes I'm in but I'm busy loading up my van for the show ahead so it's not really possible to visit as the studio is in uproar!

Where can I find out information?

Each week I upload a post like this

You can find it on my Instagram or Facebook pages

It will usually tell you when I'm in, and also if I'm at an event.

Can I make an appointment to visit?

Yes of course! contact me on social media or email oakapplehabby@outlook.com to arrange a time. I'm always happy to come in at the weekend if I can.

Will there be tea and cake?

A very well dressed older lady enjoying tea in a china cup

Well, definitely tea! Oakapple is powered by tea.... If you've booked to come and see me I am more than happy to provide cake!!

Hope to see you soon x

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