Make a lanyard and keyring

Make a lanyard and keyring

This is the project from the June 2019 Sew Darn Sweet Box

These useful items can be made from small pieces of fabric and they're very useful too, you might even want to give them as part of a secret Santa!

The fabric I used in this project is Cocktail Party from Lewis & Irene


You will need a strip of fabric 5cm wide and about 100cm long to start with, and a lanyard clip. I found it best to rotary cut the fabric to get the edges straight and even.

Press the fabric strip in half along the length of the metre, and then open it out again.

Next, fold the edges into the centre

 then fold over again and press flat. It should now be a quarter of the original size.

Stitch down each long edge of the fabric

Put one end of the fabric strip through the ring of the keyring/lanyard clip and stitch into place. Decide on how long you would like the lanyard to be and trim the edges if necessary.

Fold over the remaining end and stitch on top so that the edges are hidden.

To make the keyring

For this you will need one piece of fabric 20 x 45cm, and a contrasting piece 5 x 45cm

Use the same technique as for the lanyard i.e. pressing to the centre etc, and press both flat then stitch.

Next place the thin strip on top of the thicker strip, pin and stitch. I used a blanket stitch as I liked the look of it, but you could use just a straight stitch if you prefer.

Trim the corners, and attach the ring in the same way as for the lanyard.

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